Energy. Victory. Excellence.

About Us

From the producers behind the UK resurgence of female pro wrestling comes a brand new all-female professional wrestling promotion dedicated to showcasing the best women wrestlers in all of Europe fighting for victory in Pro Wrestling EVE.


While the female wrestlers of Pro Wrestling EVE are indeed here to show the world just how good they are, make no mistake about it this is not simply an exhibition of athletics. For these women it is all about winning and in the beginning the wrestlers will compete against one another in a bid to being one of the selected few invited to take part in the Pro Wrestling EVE Championship League. Losing is not an option.

History & Evolution

In order to move forward we must know where we have been. Proud of the heritage of European professional wrestling, EVE will play host to the Catch Division. Taking its name from the historic "Catch-As-Catch-Can" style of wrestling originally developed in Lancashire in the 19th century, the Catch Division will feature its own unique set of rules and regulations that will truly test the diversity and versatility of the wrestlers in Pro Wrestling EVE.

Next Event

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