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Championship Tournament Results!

Quick results from the weekend!

Pro-Wrestling:EVE at Project Nightclub in Norwich, Norfolk on Friday April 8

Pro-Wrestling:EVE Championship Tournament First Round:

Nikki Storm def. Saraya Knight, Amazon & Rhia O'Reilly.

Saraya was about to put Nikki Storm away with the powerbomb when Jenny Sjodin, April Davids and Shanna attacked Amazon and Rhia on the outside, referee Chris Roberts was trying to bring order to the chaos outside the ring when Blue Nikita came out and struck Saraya with a kendo stick allowing Nikki Storm to fall on top for the pinfall win. 

Erin Angel def. Sara-Marie Taylor, Super Janey B and Pollyanna when Erin pinned Pollyanna with a missile dropkick.

Shanna def. Liberty, April Davids & Destiny when Shanna pinned Liberty with a top rope cross body.

Alpha Female def. Em Jay, Kay Lee Ray and Carmel Jacob after pinning Em Jay with the Omega Slam.

Jenny Sjodin def. Britani Knight, Melodi & Blue Nikita after Britani Knight tapped out to the cross arm breaker. Saraya Knight attempted to jump Blue Nikita at the start of the match in retaliation to . Security held Saraya back, Blue Nikita then dived into the security trying to hold Saraya back and more security was then needed to hold the pair apart. 

Nikki Storm def. Erin Angel with a Perfect Storm.

Quarter Final
Alpha Female def. Shanna with a tilt-a-whirl Power-Slam

Saraya Knight def. Blue Nikita in a Last Woman Standing match

Britani Knight won the Last Chance Battle Royal featuring those who failed to qualify in the first round lastly eliminating Destiny & the Glamour Gym.

Quarter Final:
Britani Knight def. Jenny Sjodin with a Knight Light to advance to the semi-finals

Pro-Wrestling:EVE at The Delphi Centre in Sudbury, Suffolk on Saturday April 9

The European Empire (Jenny Sjodin, April Davids & Shanna) def. Erin Angel, Blue Nikita & Rhia O'Reilly when Angel tapped out to Davids ankle lock

Super Janey B def Pollyanna with a super-cross

Destiny def Saraya Knight after a big splash

The Glamour Gym def Liberty & Kay Lee Ray. Sara pinned Liberty following the Make Over (hooking DDT) while Carmel pinned Kay Lee Ray after The Embellishment (Top Rope DDT)

Britani Knight def Jetta

Nikki Storm def Alpha Female following interference from April Davids, Jenny Sjodin, Shanna & The Glamour Gym

Tornado Rules: Jenny Sjodin & April Davids def Destiny & Amazon

Shanna def Saraya Knight with a top rope cross body

Erin Angel def Blue Nikita after hitting a top rope moonsault

Rhia O'Reilly def Em Jay with a crucifix hold

Alpha Female & Super Janey B def The Glamour Gym

Pro-Wrestling:EVE Championship Tournament Final
Britani Knight def Nikki Storm with a second rope Knight Light

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