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The historic BritWresFest event at The Coronet Theatre in London played host to an equally historic title change as Germany's Alpha Female dethroned "The Female Fight Machine" Jenny Sjodin for the Pro-Wrestling:EVE Championship!

The match, which saw just the second title change in the two year history of Pro-Wrestling:EVE came to a conclusion after Sjodin injured her neck after a hard fall and even worse landing to the outside of the ring following an over the top rope cross arm-breaker.

Alpha targeted the injured neck immediately delivering a devestatng lariat for a near fall. Alpha signalled for a second however Sjodin ducked and attempted a German suplex but Alpha delivered hard back elbows to the neck forcing Sjodin to release the waist-lock and promptly fell victim to a monstrous chokeslam to the gasps of the audience who sensed a title change. Sjodin however somehow found it within herself to force her shoulder up a split second before the referee's hand hit the mat for the three count much to the shock and awe of those in attendance in addition to Alpha herself. Sensing that this was her biggest chance yet to win the Championship Alpha signalled for the dangerous neck breaking Omega Plex but again somehow Sjodin found a way to reverse the hold and attempted to counter it with a northern lights supex but it just wasn't to be. The German Giant's weight on the neck of "The Female Fight Machine" was just too much and Jenny was unable to complete the move. "The Professional Predator" that is Alpha Female quickly pounced on top of the injured Champion and locked in the dangerous Omega-Plex lifting Sjodin up at a high angle, dropping and compressing all of her own bodyweight on top of the neck and bridging with the hold for the match winning three count!

A rapturous reaction was heard from the incredible two thousand plus wrestling fans in attendance as they witnessed the Pro-Wrestling:EVE Championship change hands for just the second time since its inception.

The Championship has now gone from around the waist of a Machine to being around the waist of Monster! It took everything the Monster had to dethrone the incredible near ten month reign of Jenny Sjodin who after defeating Britani Knight for the EVE Championship on June 4 2011 went into EVE title matches as defending Champion a whopping eight times in that period racking up victories against the likes of "The Lancashire Terrier" April Davids, "Portugal's Perfect Athlete" Shanna and the legendary Emi Sakura.

Everyone at Pro-Wrestling:EVE would like to both thank and congratulate Jenny Sjodin for her amazing tenure as EVE Champion in addition to congratulating the NEW Pro-Wrestling:EVE Champion Alpha Female!

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