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On June 4th 2011 Jenny Sjodin defeated then reigning EVE Champion Britani Knight (now known as Paige in the WWE) to capture the Championship in Morecambe, Lancashire. 20 months later the county of Lancashire would once again play host to the crowning of a new EVE Champion as Nikki Storm would go on to defeat reigning Champion Emi Sakura with her Cyclone Neckbreaker after a truly epic encounter. However, the classic contest's drama was yet to end...

Nikki Storm, no doubt wanting to leave a lasting impression on the woman who originally dethroned her for the Championship back in November, attacked a beaten Emi Sakura following the match. As Storm was choking the now former champion, Sakura's protege April Davids raced to ringside to make the save and engaged in a brawl with the self proclaimed "World's Finest Wrestler". Unfortunately for Davids, it would be one that would result in the Champion leaving another victim as Davids ended up leaving the ring hurt after falling victim to a Cyclone Neckbreaker herself. The move would result in April Davids being unable to take part in the 3 Minute Warning match that followed.

And what a chaotic 3 Minute Warning match followed. Preston, Lancashire played home to the second 3 Minute Warning match in EVE history, a hybrid Money In Bank / Royal Rumble / Gauntlet match where the winner would earn the opportunity to challenge for an EVE Championship at any moment of their choosing. Order of entrants were determined by a random drawing held the previous day. The contestants would then enter as soon as a person had been eliminated or after 3 minutes have elapsed without elimination. Eliminations are determined by pinfall, submission or by being thrown over the top rope and to the floor.

Originally scheduled to feature 15 women, as mentioned above April Davids was unable to compete due to suffering an injured neck at the hands of Nikki Storm's Cyclone Neckbreaker and Blue Nikita was unable to attend No Man's Land 2 after a car accident earlier in the week left her with serious neck and back injuries. Nonetheless the remaining 13 women made sure to make the most of their opportunity with 2 fewer opponents to be concerned about.

Entrants number 1 and 2 were Carmel Jacob and Kay Lee Ray. The two had competed against one another the night before in a match that saw Carmel Jacob come away the winner after interference from her Glamour Gym tag team partner Sara-Marie Taylor. It was also a match that saw Kay Lee Ray break the metatarsal bone in her foot making her efforts at No Man's Land 2 all the more inspiring.

The two made little use of the ring at the start of the contest as they battled all over Lava-Ignite for 3 minutes before entrant number 3 - Pollyanna Peppers made her way to the ring. Despite a tremendous showing at the start Peppers was soon put away by the more experienced Carmel Jacob after falling victim to The Glam Jam (AKA Air Raid Crash).

*Entrant number 4 was Leigh Owens who teamed up with Carmel Jacob to put the boots to Kay Lee Ray however Carmel soon showed there was no love between the tag teams of EVE when she double crossed the Irish twin and gained the pinfall elimination.

*Kacey Owens came in at number 5 but after a short impressive performance fell victim to swanton bomb from KLR for the eliminating pinfall.

"Portugal's Perfect Athlete" Shanna entered at number 6 and the trio of Kay Lee Ray, Carmel Jacob and Shanna continued to battle for the 3 minute duration.

She-X member Bette Noire made her way to ring as entrance number 7 going back and forth with Shanna while Carmel Jacob and Kay Lee Ray once again began brawling outside the ring (neither went over the top rope therefore neither were eliminated).

Rhia O'Reilly entered the ring at number 8 immediately targeting Noire whom she'd brawled to a no contest with earlier in the evening during the She-X vs Ama-Reilly Tag Team Title Quarter-Final match. Rhia and Shanna - partners in the upcoming War Games match on February 23rd against Alpha Female and her yet to be named partners showed their team work they double teamed Noire. Carmel and Kay Lee continued to brawl around the building.

Noire managed to get a rest from the beating she was taking at the hands of O'Reilly and Shanna when Kirsty Love made her way to the ring as entrant number 9. Love immediately targeted O'Reilly whom she has some history with in EVE. Kay Lee Ray and Carmel continued to brawl, breaking a chair in the process and battling backstage. The numbers game caught up on Love however as half of War Games' Team Storm levied such a beating on Love that after being thrown to the outside between the top and middle rope she confusingly made her way backstage (even going the wrong way at first) despite not going over the top rope. It was quickly discovered Love suffered a 'mild concussion' during her time in the 3 Minute Warning match and was eliminated by proxy of EVE Officials backstage due to her condition.

With the elimination of Kirsty Love, Noire once again found herself prey to a 2 on 1 attack from Rhia O'Reilly and Shanna. And things quickly went from bad to worse as entrant number 10 made up the final competing member of War Games' Team Storm "Amazon" Ayesha Ray. Now Shanna alongside both members of Ama-Reilly were in the ring and with a point to prove following the no-contest brawl between She-X and Ama-Reilly earlier in the evening. The Team Storm trio delivered a beating for the full 3 allotted minutes before eliminating Noire. The beating was so vicious it left Noire on the floor outside the ring for quite some time.

Entrant number 11 was Noire's She-X tag team partner Viper, whom put up a valiant fight but once again the numbers game was simply too much and the 3 members of Team Storm were soon able to gang up on the larger member of She-X and eliminate her by sending Viper over the top rope and down to the floor.

"Business picked up" as the saying goes when entrant number 12 - Alpha Female made her way to the ring. Believing herself to be entering War Games on February 23 with no team mates against all 4 members of Team Storm, Alpha Female showed no hesitation in battling the 3 members in ring. Unfortunately, as had been the story throughout most of the match, the numbers game became too much for Alpha and the 3 soon took the advantage. As Kay Lee Ray and Carmel Jacob re-emerged from backstage continuing their brawl ringside, Ayesha Ray held down the top rope on one side of the ring to allow Shanna and O'Reilly to throw the German Giant over the top and to the floor. Great in theory but bad in practice as the move didn't go to plan. Alpha reversed the double Irish whip attempt and eliminated both Shanna and O'Reilly who landed right by a now standing She-X whom the duo began to brawl with.

Back on the other side of the ring Alpha had Ayesha Ray teetering over the top and to the floor but was able to hold on to her War Games' opponent and the duo went over the top rope together, hitting the floor with a venue wide thud and subsequently eliminated. Alpha, Viper & Noire continued to brawl with Shanna, O'Reilly and Ray ringside causing the event referee to leave the ring in an attempt to gain some order and send all 6 backstage.

Whilst all this mayhem had been going on, the last and final entrant Sara-Marie Taylor had made her way to the ring where Kay Lee Ray and Carmel Jacob remained. S-M-T had however barely seen any in-ring action when Kay Lee Ray gained a measure of revenge from the previous night by quickly eliminating the taller Glamour Gym member on one side of the ring and followed it up by eliminating Carmel on the other side. Unfortunately for KLR, whilst the referee had seen Carmel's elimination which had come on the same side of the ring that the referee was dealing with the 6 person brawl, he had missed the elimination of Sara-Marie Taylor, who quickly snuck back in the ring and sent a celebrating and thus unsuspecting Kay Lee Ray over the top and to the floor right in front of the referee. The official awarded Sara-Marie Taylor as the winner of 3 Minute Warning earning herself an EVE Championship opportunity at any moment of her choosing!

No Man's Land 2 came to a close with The Glamour Gym celebrating in the ring after a very successful weekend. The duo had advanced to the Semi-Finals of the EVE Tag Team Championship Tournament, Carmel Jacob had earned a singles victory over Kay Lee Ray and lastly Sara-Marie Taylor had won the 3 Minute Warning match earning herself a title match at any moment she wished.

In 2012 the The Glamour Gym scored huge victories over The Blossom Twins and the duo of Angelina Love & Erin Angel - not to mention the pair also put Erin Angel out of action for 3 months with an eye injury. Now they have began 2013 by winning Championship opportunities and breaking the foot of Kay Lee Ray. The duo may be Glamorous in nature but they're clearly dangerous by design and anybody who takes them lightly would be making a serious mistake!


In other results from No Man's Land 2:

Alpha Female defeated Kay Lee Ray and Shanna in the opening triple threat contest that saw a whole heap of action.


The Pro-Wrestling:EVE Tag Team Championship Tournament got it's Re-Start with the first Quarter-Final contest taking place between She-X and Ama-Reilly. Both teams had been featured in a triple threat contest at Wrestle-Fever in a match that saw O'Reilly pull Ayesha Ray out of the ring and the pair back off from facing the newly comprised She-X duo of Bette Noire and Viper.

Once again it would seem O'Reilly didn't wish for her and her partner to go face to face with Noire and Viper as the duo struck She-X from behind during their entrance and all 4 members brawled around the building breaking venue furniture in the process.

The brawl would go on for almost 10 minutes until the referee brought a halt to the action and EVE Officials were called in to separate the warring foursome. A no contest was declared by the referee as at no point was he able to officially start the match in accordance to the rules between the two teams.

How this would have an effect on the Tag Team Tournament is still officially unknown although history would tell us to assume that both teams are eliminated as neither team allowed the match to begin in accordance with the contracted rules & regulations.


Will we ever know who April Davids' partner ever was? Whomever it was failed to show up and left Davids in the lurch. EVE Management had told Davids that as her match was part of the Tag Team Championship Tournament that as she had no partner she would have to forfeit the match. Davids was however having none of this and using language that would make a sailor blush stated that partner or no partner - there's no way she was being beaten by "Big Bird & Bet Lynch" (this resulted in perhaps for the first time in wrestling history, the theme tunes to both Sesame Street and Coronation Street were then sung by the crowd in attendance who seemed to enjoy getting under the skin of The Glamour Gym) and declared that she would take the duo on by herself.

One will NEVER be able to say April Davids doesn't lack heart. To say she took it to both members of The Glamour Gym is an understatement and at more than one point it looked like Davids would get the victory but it simply wasn't meant to be. The numbers game eventually caught up and The Glamour Gym emerged victorious and into the Semi-Finals of the EVE Tag Team Championship Tournament.


The last quarter final contest in the EVE Tag Team Championship Tournament of the evening took place involving Kacey & Leigh - The Owens Twins and the debuting Lovely Peppers comprising Kirsty Love and Pollyanna Peppers. The unorthodox duo of Kirsty Love and Pollyanna Peppers had the crowd in hysterics and The Owens off their game however in the end it was third time lucky for the twins as after suffering losses to The Blossom Twins and She-X they scored their first victory in Pro-Wrestling:EVE after a stunner - German Suplex combo and advanced to the semi-finals of the Tournament.


Of course, we have to once again mention Nikki Storm becoming the first ever two time Pro-Wrestling:EVE Champion with a victory over Emi Sakura in an absolute epic encounter. No words or write up can do this match justice. It's simply MUST SEE WRESTLING at it's finest.

Pro-Wrestling:EVE returns Saturday February 23rd at The Delphi Centre in Sudbury, Suffolk for Special Edition II: The War Games.

Current card:

War Games Steel Cage Match:

Team Alpha Alpha Female ??? ??? ???


Team Storm Pro-Wrestling:EVE Champion Nikki Storm "Portugal's Perfect Athlete" Shanna Rhia O'Reilly "Amazon" Ayesha Ray


Two stipulation matches concerning the War Games match involving members from both teams:

Stipulation 1: Winners Team Gets First Person Advantage In The War Games Match ??? vs ???

Stipulation 2: Winner Gets To Choose Opposing Teams First Entrant: ??? vs ??

Pro-Wrestling:EVE Tag Team Championship Quarter-Final ??? vs ???


El Ligero vs Mark Coffey

Mad Man Manson vs Blok Busta

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