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A new Queen was crowned today as "Portugal's Perfect Athlete" Shanna walked away after 3 impressive victories!

Since returning from injury that caused her to miss nearly all of 2012, Shanna had not been playing a 'perfect game' to say the least with losses to Janey Britannico, Alpha Female, Viper and also a tag team loss to Erin Angel & Kay Lee Ray, it seemed Shanna couldn't get back to winning ways that prior to her injury had seen her rack up victories against the likes of ICE Ribbon Champion Hikari Minami, Kay Lee Ray, Saraya Knight and the woman now known as Paige in the WWE, the former Britani Knight...

However, following her loss to Viper last month, the usual cocky, arrogant "Portugal's Perfect Athlete's" voice changed from her usual high pitch insults to a lower toned voice of anger as she stated that things were about to change and she was going to win the 2013 Queen Of The Ring...

As it turned out, Shanna made good on her word as impressive victories one after the other against Leah Von Dutch, Kay Lee Ray and Emi Sakura earned her the title of Queen Of The Ring AND the number one contender to Nikki Storm's Pro-Wrestling:EVE Championship AND put her in the main event slot of WrestleFever 2 later this year!

Shanna couldn't have put a bigger stop on her run of losses and most certainly couldn't have made a bigger point than she did today by being crowned Queen Of The Ring.

"Portugal's Perfect Athlete" somehow improved perfection, showing up in better condition than we'd ever seen her before, more resilient than ever before and perhaps most importantly, more focussed than we'd ever seen her before too.

Now all eyes lay ahead for Shanna to the star-studded WrestleFever 2 event in November this year where she will challenge against whomever is EVE Champion on that night!

Congratulations again go to Shanna, our 2013 QUEEN OF THE RING!

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