Energy. Victory. Excellence.

Alpha Female

6 1
168 lbs
Signature Moves:
The Omega Slam; The Sidewinder

Crush. Kill. Destroy. This is all that seems to go through the mind of The Alpha Female once she steps into the ring. The 6'1" German sent a message to every other female wrestler in her first 2 matches for EVE when she easily destroyed Becky James and Jane Beatrix Dunn within minutes.

On our Oct 16 tapings Alpha once again scored a dominant victory over Jane Beatrix Dunn when the timid one was sacrificed by her Glamour Gym team mates Sara-Marie Taylor & Carmel Jacob however in a post match attack from SMT and Carmel to Dunn, The Alpha Female returned to the ring to save her fallen foe from a further beating as The Glamour Gym ran to the back.

Later on The Alpha Female tore through the heaviest member of the EVE locker room & multiple promotion women's champion Destiny. The match started out with SMT & Carmel Jacob distracting the German Giant allowing Destiny to gain an advantage by attacking from behind. As The Glamour Gym left the ringside area happy in their accomplishments Destiny continued to attack the Berlin Brawler by first delivering a heavy elbow drop, a jumping leg drop and finally not one, not two but three consecutive big splashes! Destiny made the cover but Alpha kicked out at two and fired up seemingly no longer feeling the effects of any punishment being dished out her way. She made her way up to her feet and charged at Destiny taking her down twice - both times with a clothesline before tearing through the accomplished Professional with a brutal spear. Alpha then signalled for the end and delivered an incredible powerslam for the 1-2-3 as The Delphi Club roared with approval.

The Glamour Gym must now be questioning their initial thoughts about getting involved with the undefeated Alpha Female!

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