Energy. Victory. Excellence.

Jenny Sjödin

5 8
135 lbs
Signature Moves:
Cross Arm Breaker; German Suplex; Bridging Belly To Back Suplex; Rolling Front Chancery

Ground Grappling. Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Submission grappling. Amateur wrestling. MMA. These are just 5 of the disciplines in addition to professional wrestling currently being honed by "The Female Fight Machine" Jenny Sjodin.

Sjodin is also VERY accomplished in disciplines listed including winning the Gold Medal at 'Ground Control' - The UK's Premier No-Gi Grappling Championships. From there Sjodin travelled to New Jesey, USA and went on to win the Silver Medal in her first attempt of the Advanced Division of 'Grappler's Quest' - recognised as being the very best submission grappling tournament in the world and affiliated and recognised by the world's leading MMA company the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championships). Sjodin closed 2010 with another Silver Medal victory this time at the North American Grappling Association (NAGA) European Championships in Paris, France.

Swedens offering to Pro-Wrestling: EVE made her debut on July 7 2007 and yet despite being less than 4 years into her career has already competed professionally in numerous other countries such as the USA, Spain and Ireland in addition of course to her home country of Sweden.

Jenny fights out of 'The Northern Shooters Gym' and is a part of the 'European Empire', a group of individuals led by one of the UK's most travelled and accomplished wrestlers in the form of 'Coventry's Loudest' Jetta claiming that her goal was to make sure that it was the NEW talent such as Jenny Sjodin along with April Davids, 'Portugal's Perfect Athlete' Shanna & 'The Dynamite Princess' Nikki Storm that got the recognition she felt was deserved as oppose to it always being 'the same old faces'. So far the European Empire have run riot over every one in Pro-Wrestling:EVE and caused two gyms (Team Storm and WAW Gym) to no longer operate within the promotion!

Jenny Sjodin and was the first wrestler to ever walk through the Pro-Wrestling:EVE curtains when she competed against April Davids in the opening contest of EVE's debut show on Saturday May 8 2010 at The Delphi Club in Sudbury.

'The Female Fight Machine' Jenny Sjodin won the Pro-Wrestling:EVE Championship on Saturday June 4 in Morecambe, Lancashire as part of XWA's 'War On The Shore VII' event (XWA are one of the UK's leading professional wrestling companies and recognise the Pro-Wrestling:EVE Championship). In their third meeting the two (tied at one win each) went back and forth exchanging high impact moves for almost 10 non-stop minutes before Sjodin forced the then reigning champion Britani Knight to tap out to her cross-arm breaker submission hold becoming the brand new Pro-Wrestling:EVE Champion.

'The Female Fight Machine' Jenny Sjodin is the real deal of professional wrestling and has stated that she will defend the title against any and all challengers no matter where in the world she may be!

Article about 'The Female Fight Machine' Jenny Sjodin

“Unlike most professional wrestlers in Europe and America, Jenny Sjodins’ love for professional wrestling did not come from WWE, WCW, ECW or TNA but rather from stumbling across documentary on Joshi Puroresu entitled ‘GAEA GIRLS’. In fact, up until watching that documentary Sjodin had never once seen professional wrestling and still to this day does not watch WWE or TNA.

From Sundsvall in Sweden, Sjodin earned her nickname of ‘The Female Fight Machine’ due to the numerous fighting disciplines she both trains and has success in. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Submission Wrestling & Ground Grappling are but three of the martial arts that in addition to Professional Wrestling Sjodin has dedicated her life towards.

After moving from her home in Sweden to Dublin, Ireland in order to learn professional wrestling the 25 year old with a degree in Political Science moved again to Manchester, England to continue her training under the esteemed UK veteran Pippa L’Vinn and ‘The Wrestling Factory’. It was in Manchester where Sjodin began dedicating herself even further to mixed martial arts training under the #9 ranked best pound for pound MMA fighter in the world - Rosi Sexton (Cage Warriors & BoDog 125lb Champion). Sjodin began incorporating her newly learned skills into her wrestling style in addition to competing in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & Ground Grappling tournaments and competitions around the world winning her first Gold Medal at ‘Ground Control, The UK’s Premier No Gi BJJ & Ground Grappling Championship’. Sjodin’s success would quickly take her New Jersey, USA where she competed in the Advanced Division of ‘Grapplers Quest’ – A UFC affiliated group regarded as holding the worlds top Grappling Championships. In her first venture into ‘The Advanced Division’ Sjodin won the Silver Medal and completed her 2010 year by winning another major Silver Medal, this time for the North American Grappling Association’s European Championships in Paris, France. In 2011 Sjodin continued winning Gold Medal after Gold Medal in Grappling championships all across the UK and in September 2011 competed in her first Mixed Division grappling event winning the Bronze medal defeating both men and women in her division and losing just one match. Not bad for a first attempt.

Sjodin was the first wrestler to enter a Pro-Wrestling:EVE ring competing against her Northern Shooters Gym training partner April Davids in the opening contest of the debut Pro-Wrestling:EVE event on May 8 2010. The match also saw the debut of the unique ‘Catch Division’, a contest where the only way to win was by submission or referee stoppage, where matches were fought over a maximum of 6 x 3 minute rounds and where using the ropes to gain an advantage (such as bouncing off the ropes to gain momentum or climbing the ropes etc) was not allowed. While Sjodin came out unsuccessful in her first match both she and Davids left a lasting impression on both the fans in attendance and those who purchased the DVD following their submission, takedown and hard-hitting strike based pure wrestling contest. Sjodin would go on to avenge her loss to Davids in a Catch Division Re-Match on Oct 16 2010 to tie the Northern Shooters Gym members at 1 win a piece and continued to amass an impressive Win Loss Record enough to secure herself a shot at the recently crowned Pro-Wrestling:EVE Champion Britani Knight. On June 4th 2011 Sjodin forced then EVE Champion Britani Knight to tap out to the cross arm-breaker becoming the companies second Champion in a tremendous action packed, back and forth contest. Just two months later Sjodin won her second championship after defeating Nordic Women’s Champion Aurora Flame in a Title v Title contest in her native Sweden that also saw Sjodin’s recently won EVE Championship on the line.

On Oct 8 2011 Jenny Sjodin and April Davids had the rubber match required to settle their in-ring professional rivalry, this time it was not the opening contest nor was it a Catch Division match, this time it was the main event of the companies biggest show to date, show one of a three show inter-promotional series between Pro-Wrestling:EVE and the top company from Japan – Ice Ribbon. Davids, who has since trained in Japan at the Ice Ribbon Dojo and the reigning EVE Champion would go on to fight with one another for almost 30 minutes in a hard-hitting dynamic match that saw Sjodin win the third and deciding contest between the two forcing Davids to tap out to a cross arm-breaker. Once the match was over the crowd in attendance gave both participants a standing ovation, an ovation that lasted for almost 6 minutes and carried on AFTER the two had already left the ringside area and made their way back to their respective dressing rooms.

The next night, Sjodin would go on to defeat Joshi Puroresu Legend and Ice Ribbon founder Emi Sakura after 20 minutes of intense professional wrestling action, again with the cross arm-breaker submission hold. It was a match that earned her high praise from both her peers in Japan and from the Japanese fans who watched the contest on Ice Ribbon’s weekly wrestling show ‘19 Pro’. Fans began emailing and tweeting both Ice Ribbon Management and EVE Management for a re-match between the two – but this time the fans alongside Emi Sakura wanted the re-match to take place in Japan!

Many wrestling fans call Sjodin the best female professional wrestler in the world today such is her all around ability, diversity, accomplishments and credentials while many fans also claim Sjodin is the most dangerous female professional wrestler on the planet today likening her to legendary legitimate wrestlers such as Karl Gotch and Lou Thesz. Indeed, like Gotch and Thesz would say about themselves there is too an ‘easy way’ and ‘a hard way’ to do business when in the with Jenny Sjodin, so to all possible opponents hoping to challenge Sjodin for the Pro-Wrestling:EVE Championship, keep everything professional and make nothing personal in any way at all because when you’re in the ring with ‘The Female Fight Machine’ – your life is very much in her hands!”

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