“Global Women Strike 2” – SAT 9TH FEB 2019 – 7.15pm Doors



EVE knocked it out the park at Resistance Gallery on Thursday 27th September with Global Women Strike,  and we can’t wait to do it again!

Strap in and get ready for another star packed, international, dream match filled supercard set at our home venue, the intimate Resistance Gallery in Bethnal Green.  We have some very special things in store for you and they’re going to rock ResGal to its very foundations. If you’re looking to have your mind blown with spectacular wrestling then you’re not going to want to miss Global Women Strike 2.

Resistance Gallery is located at 265 Poyser St, Bethnal Green, London, E2 9RF.  Doors are at 7.15pm and the event starts at 8.00pm.




As with all EVE events, this is for audiences aged 18+ only and is standing room only and often contain strobe lighting.

***Due to the nature of our events, the close quarters and the sometimes explosive interactions with the crowd, pro wrestling EVE regret to state that our shows are not suitable for pregnant women or those of a nervous disposition.

We will always endeavor to accommodate accessibility needs where possible, but there are many areas we have no control over that could put the mentioned parties at risk***


The show is due to end by 11 pm. Attendees are welcome to bring glow sticks and streamers.


Refunds & Exchanges are offered exclusively to the event being moved or changing date by the promoter. Your statutory rights are not affected.



“EVE women’s wrestling is more than just entertainment: It is a movement.” – Buzzfeed


“Their sexism-free, homophobia-free, seriously f*cking empowering shows are a hit” – Refinery29


“By the end of the night, I’ve seen bald heads kissed from the ring, heard some of the fruitiest language this side of a dockyard, watched numerous women hit the deck arse first and tasted the drama of live female wrestling” – Time Out!


“I brought my sisters and a few friends and we had such an amazing time. Everyone should get to know EVE!” – GLOW Star & Musician Kate Nash


“This socially and politically conscious company is deservedly becoming not just the best wrestling gig in town but the best event full-stop.” – Huffington Post


“Riot Grrrls of wrestling. EVE represents a grassroots feminist movement which celebrates women of all shapes and sizes. Wrestling quality is an important aspect, alongside a DIY attitude and a desire for change.” – Metro


“EVE goes further than the scripts of GLOW and political restraints of WWE could ever allow”
 – The Independent

“This is a 21st century Shakespeare’s Glove for Corbynista-chanting activists as much as it is for pro-wrestling aficionados”
 – Huck Magazine

“[EVE is] re-imagining the classically hyper-masculine environment of ‘professional’ wrestling”
 – New York Times


“Totally punk rock” – Kerrang! Magazine


“The passion – of the women and the fans – is just immense…and inspiring.”
 – WWE Hall Of Fame Superstar Mick Foley

“Female wrestling is officially trending thanks to these real life GLOW girls!” – Marie Claire

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